about Imkan

Soulful Places.
Enriched Lives.

Abu Dhabi-based real estate developer IMKAN has earned its reputation with a portfolio of 26 projects spanning two continents. Our ethos is to create soulful places that enrich people’s lives. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Capital Group, IMKAN’s proposition is built around a unique research platform that identifies the needs and desires of its customer segment, from millennials to discerning high-net-worth individuals.


our vision

To be a globally reputed real estate company rooted in research that is committed to creating soulful places that enrich lives while creating value for all our stakeholders: residents, partners, colleagues and owners alike. IMKAN’s vision is to redefine our industry and transform the fabric of every community we develop.

our Mission

To boast a diverse and unique portfolio of soulful developments that cater to different market segments and opportunities. We do this by being ambassadors of our potent heritage, harnessing our strong research potential and fostering an environment that nurtures and enables our business and team to continuously grow. All this is done with a driven global outlook that nurtures local cultures and strives to integrate into the communities we operate in. We are vested in building soulful integrated communities that are enriching for generations to come.


Engineer Suwaidan Al-Dhaheri

Chief Executive Officer

At IMKAN, our primary aim is to enrich the lives of city dwellers by providing creatively-designed spaces.

Suwaidan Al-Dhaheri
Chief Executive Officer

Executive Management

We are driven by our team – because it’s the people that make us what we are today and will ensure we deliver on our promise.

Our Culture is Our Identity.