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Our Investment Strategy

IMKAN’s ethos is to create soulful places that enrich people’s lives.

Our commitment to research and philosophy of soulful enrichment extends right down to every single one of our investments.

Through a disciplined approach, in-depth due diligence, and the institutional experience of our team, we evaluate investment opportunities that maximize shareholder value and produce above hurdle rate returns.

IMKAN’s strategy is to build a diversified portfolio in the real estate sector through investing in different sub-sectors such as residential, contracting & building materials, hospitality & leisure, healthcare, education, facility and property management, prop-tech and others.

Investment strategy
Investment process

Our Investment Process

Our investment process is a dynamic blend of rigorous qualitative and quantitative analysis and insight. It is continuously reviewed and refined with the goal of facilitating identification and selection of superior investment opportunities globally. Investment opportunities are monitored closely by senior management and the executive management committee at each stage of review.

Our typical process adopted for any portfolio investment is:

  • Deal identification
  • Evaluation: Ascertain the eligibility and investment fit of the identified opportunity in the context of IMKAN investment criteria. This includes the following key steps:
    • Research the sub sectors relevant segments and analyse the business model of potential investments
    • Develop the business plan and conduct negotiations
    • Analyse project's feasibility
    • Conduct due diligence into all aspects of the investment opportunity comprising financial, legal, tax and commercial matters
  • Investment approval: Subsequent to the evaluation, prepare the investment thesis to seek approval from IMKAN’s Investment Committee & board approval
  • Value creation: Work closely with stakeholders to develop feasible real estate projects and implementing a growth strategy with the management of portfolio companies to expand locally and globally


Investment criteria

Our Investment Criteria

IMKAN seeks innovative businesses and ideas that support the diversification of its investment portfolio. Each investment opportunity is uniquely studied and analysed with respect to its feasibility and its added value to the company’s portfolio.

The targeted partnerships can take place within any of the partner’s corporate life cycle, from start-ups to large and stabilized corporations, while the ownership and partnership criteria can vary depending on the agreed investment deal and partnership structure.

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