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Become an IMKAN Homeowner and
Receive a Golden Visa

Become an IMKAN Homeowner and
Receive a Golden Visa

You are eligible for the Golden Visa if you fulfill the following criteria:


Must fully own a real estate property or properties of a minimal value of AED 2 million without a mortgage


Must maintain the investment for at least 2 years after the issuing of the Golden Visa

Additional Information:

- If the property is under mortgage, its value has to be greater than AED 2 million in order for the Investor to qualify for the Golden Visa. For instance, for property worth AED 5 million, the outstanding mortgage principal cannot exceed AED 3 million.- Mortgage is allowed on any amount that is over AED 2 million if the property value exceeds it.- Coverage: Spouses and children- Duration: 5 years


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