AlJurf Nature
Blog September 18th, 2022

AlJurf Nature

AlJurf’s natural environment reveals the great diversity of nature + animals that come together in a soul enriching environment. In this section, we want to highlight on the different things you can find at AlJurf:

  • Range of many types
    of agile birds
  • Endangered
  • 1000
    of trees
  • Graceful

The natural habitat of AlJurf has not only been preserved but nurtured and encouraged to further prosper. It takes inspiration from traditional and cultural heritage, reproducing a precious piece of nature in a smaller scale. The key elements of the garden composition are water, paved paths and flower beds used to recreate a very lush environment.


You may come across more than eight different species, but the ones that conquer the skies at AlJurf are the ones you’ll see the most.

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With a vision to restore the Arabian desert, we made sure that all the lush greenery of AlJurf is taken care of, in order to keep growing and blossoming life all around.


From the land all the way to the sea, there’s not a place you won’t find yourself surrounded by life, but once again, those who conquer it all are the ones you’ll encounter.