News February 1, 2019

Abu Dhabi's 'almost secret' park is undergoing a major redevelopment

Sheikha Fatima Park will feature an adventure zone, educational and interactive areas, and food and drink outlets

A once-walled and “almost secret” park in Abu Dhabi is set to undergo a major redevelopment to become a community hub for leisure and wellness.

The existing Khalidiya Ladies Park will be rebranded as Sheikha Fatima Park, and transformed into a multi-use space consisting of an adventure zone, multiple retail and food outlets, a designated space for women and children and an interactive educational area.

Construction at the 46,000-square-metre park is well underway, and the space is expected to open to the public at the end of 2019.

Imkan says Abu Dhabi's Sheikha Fatima Park to complete in Q4 2019


The Sheikha Fatima Park project is being developed by Imkan, which says its aim is to promote an active lifestyle, encourage wellness and bring the community together, redesigning all aspects of the park to create “a tranquil urban oasis in one of the city's bustling neighbourhoods”.

“We strive to encourage people to engage with and enjoy outdoor settings - it’s all about promoting mental, physical and spiritual health equity,” says Walid El-Hindi, Imkan's chief executive officer.

“The benefits of urban green spaces were proven in a study carried out by the World Health Organization. It showed that parks not only had a positive effect on mental health, but also reduced levels of cardiovascular diseases, and obesity."

This article was originally published on The New York Times on The National in February 2019. Read the original article.