News October 1st, 2018

Residents become the designers for this Abu Dhabi project

Contemporary interiors designed by the residents themselves is the concept surrounding Abu Dhabi's Nudra development

Off the coast of the scenic Abu Dhabi shoreline, where the land intertwines with the sea, UAE developer Imkan is currently finalising its latest residential community, a first-ever concept that is set to put the creative power of the design in the hands of its residents.

Set in an area accented by mangrove greens and a contemporary Arabian culture, Jordan-based Maisam Architects and Engineers is leading the design concept of the Nudra project, a fully-integrated residential community situated on the coast of Saadiyat’s cultural district.

“Nudra’s design is human centric and completely based on how the residents experience their surroundings,” said Meisa Batayneh, Principal Architect and Founder of Maisam Architects and Engineers. “Saadiyat is naturally one of Abu Dhabi’s most beautiful and diverse islands, and personally, its beach is one of my favourites through all my travels,” she says.


Residents become the designers for this Abu Dhabi project


Comprising 37 villas within three districts – The Shores, The Dunes and The Beach Villas – The development will include a tennis court, a clubhouse, a gym and an infinity pool overlooking the Arabian Gulf, with the family park making up the spine of the community. A third level roof floor or penthouse was introduced to all the units to provide a private family space directly facing Saadiyat’s waters and culture district. “A harmony is maintained in the architectural language, and material, as all the villas are stone cladded and modern in design,” Batayneh says. “Through the design of the villas, we were able to achieve a great mix of a contemporary design that still maintains a modernised traditional feel in its layering, fenestrations, and materials.”

The architecture of the villas was carefully considered as well, she explains. “The beach front villas are all personalised, and the remaining villas are governed by their context on site, split into two types of beach villas and two types of dune villas,” she says. On the whole, the Nudra community has a lot of distinct features not common to most developments in the emirates, including the fact that it is built within a low-density area. But the real distinguishing factor lies in the opportunity for residents to design their own home interiors, with Imkan only providing the shell and core of the homes. Residents also have the option of using Batayneh’s practice for its interior expertise and guidance.


Residents become the designers for this Abu Dhabi project


“Having worked with Imkan on several projects, I can say that this approach is rather refreshing,” she says. “This method only makes sense for Nudra as a high-end costal villa development," Batayneh says. "Each home owner would want to bring their own individuality and way of life into their home by the sea as opposed to having one style fits all.

“Naturally these owners can hire us or their own interior designers that will develop the interior space in line with their aspirations for a place that they can call home," she adds.


Residents become the designers for this Abu Dhabi project


Set to be completed by next year, Nudra will also have the added advantage of being surrounded by many of the capital’s cultural landmarks, with the Louvre Abu Dhabi, future Guggenheim Museum and several culture centres located mere minutes away.

“From the onset our goal was to create an integrated boutique shoreline and beachside community that responds to the lifestyle and culture of local Emirati families,” she says. “I’m proud of the work we are doing in Saadiyat’s culture district because working in such a context of nature, culture and state-of-the-art infrastructure really brings out the best in you.”

This article was originally published on Architectural Digest Middle East in October 2018. Read the original article.