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Alvaro Bretel
Blog December 15, 2019

The Talk Building brands that
evolve culture

The rules by which brands have operated for decades have changed, and this is attributed to a change in public expectation. However, in the UAE’s competitive real estate market there stands an opportunity to evolve. As IMKAN, we strive to stay ahead of the curve through our progressive strategies and methodologies. Brands—as architecture—are cultural products and as such, they fulfil a role in a person’s life that goes beyond functionality. We are in the process of taking each space we create to the next level through a cultural branding approach: we’re building brands that have a cultural benefit, not just a functional one.

Speaker Profile

Alvaro is a Peruvian strategist with over 10 years’ experience working in both Peru and UAE. Alvaro moved to Dubai four years ago to head the Strategy Department at Wunderman. He has over 80 awards and recognitions from national, regional and international award shows. Alvaro has also been a visiting lecturer and guest speaker in several universities and advertising schools in Peru, Argentina, Costa Rica and UAE.



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The Conference

The Conference will take place once a year, launching as an exclusive invite-only event, and our esteemed guestlist will include Abu Dhabi and Dubai’s most influential agents of change. We also aim to gain support from members of the Abu Dhabi Municipality, The Department of Culture & Tourism, IMKAN Business Partners, VIP clients, as well as University students and peers.