The first healthy-living island in the world

The world’s well-being-centered residence. A full embrace of the SHA Wellness Clinic way of life.

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Designed for wellness

Nestled on a private island within the AlJurf, enveloped by serene natural landscapes and wildlife, SHA residences have been meticulously crafted with a dual commitment to both your well-being and the planet's sustainability. Inspired by the native flora, fauna, and the rich historical legacy of the area, these homes serve as an idyllic sanctuary, seamlessly harmonizing with their surroundings.




An escape in the heart of it all

Discover a pristine coastline in the Emirates — Sahel Al Emarat — nestled at the halfway point between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Here lies AlJurf, an extraordinary coastal haven in the heart of the United Arab Emirates.. AlJurf is built in the UAE’s ancestors’ vision for the nation, a tranquil gateway that is seamlessly integrated with its natural environment. It is where residents can escape city life and instead live inside a natural masterpiece dedicated to the preservation of life and the generation of legacy. Here, you'll discover a world of natural beauty that includes lush gardens, pristine beaches, and a breathtaking coastline . AlJurf is committed to sustainability, emphasizing the importance of preserving the natural environment and fostering a harmonious relationship between humans and nature. This serene and private retreat is your gateway to a holistic wellness experience, where wellness, leisure, and cultural exploration seamlessly come together. Accessible and welcoming, AlJurf invites you to escape the urban hustle and embrace a tranquil lifestyle that honors both nature and tradition, with wellness in mind.


About SHA Wellness Clinic

SHA has been the global leader in health and well-being for almost two decades, having received dozens of international awards as a pioneer in the holistic wellness industry. It has a presence in Spain, where it founded its first establishment, as well as in the Americas, in a privileged enclave in Mexico, and will soon open its doors in the United Arab Emirates.

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