The Masterplan

  1. The Resort + Wellness & Clinic Area
  2. Resort Villas
  3. Residential Apartments
  4. Beach Club
  5. Mind & Body Pavilion
  6. Healthy Nutrition Pavilion
  7. Movement Pavilion
  8. Wellness Kids Club Pavilion
  9. Marina Pavilion
  10. Residential Villas
  11. Sikka
  12. Resort’s Swimming Pool
  13. Private Beach
  14. Public Beach
  15. Public Park
  16. Kids Park
  17. Utility Plot
SHA Villas Key Locations


A transformative experience

SHA Residences embody a total embrace of the SHA lifestyle, offering an ongoing journey towards optimal health, and a personal haven to retreat to, allowing you to rejuvenate your mind and body whenever necessary. This extraordinary community, nestled within the esteemed AlJurf destination, has been crafted with a singular dedication: your well-being



First-class SHA benefits

Owners of SHA Residences enjoy the convenience of having the world-class services of the SHA Wellness Clinic right at their fingertips. Within this close proximity, a plethora of expert professionals, including renowned doctors, therapists, personal trainers, and yoga or meditation instructors, along with skilled healthy-cooking chefs, are readily available to cater to your well-being around the clock.

Pavillion 2

Exclusive benefits for owners

SHA Residences gives you unprecedented access SHA Wellness Clinic. Get professional services including top doctors and practitioners, therapists, personal trainers, and yoga or meditation instructors to healthy-cooking chefs, in the comfort of your own home. It’s SHA Wellness Clinic experts, on call for you.

Medical and healthy nutrition consultations
Ming and body disciplines with wellness experts
Water therapies, massages and beauty treatments
room service
Room service from SHA’s health food restaurants
In-residence catering or live cooking with a private chef
Maintenance service available (pre and post stay)
Access to the SHA Privileged special benefits program
Full access to Healthy Living Academy activities
Membership in the select SHA Residences Owners Club
Private gym
Mind & body studios
Separate exclusive motor lobby access
Infinity Pool
Kid's Pool
Owners lounge
business center
Business Center
wellbeing kids club
Wellbeing Kids Club
kids club outdoors
Outdoors Kids Club
Exclusive dock with mooring options
carrot apple
Organic products from our farm and local suppliers
Free high-speed Wi-Fi



In-residence wellness

In the comfort of your own residence, you have the privilege of indulging in an extensive selection of medical and clinical treatments and services provided by the SHA Wellness Clinic. Whether it's a soothing massage, a Vinyasa Yoga session on the terrace with a breathtaking view of the Arabian Gulf, or a nutritious cooking class, these options are readily accessible.

Massage table


SHA Owners Club

Belonging to the select SHA Residences Owners club has many advantages: you can enjoy the residence exchange modality between owners in other SHA establishments around the world (SHA Spain and SHA Mexico).

Sha owners club

SHA Residences Emirates

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