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SHA is a worldwide pioneering wellness clinic, dedicated to significantly improve and prolong people’s health by bringing together the best natural therapies, mainly coming from age-old eastern knowledge, and the most advanced techniques and treatments of western medicine.







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The SHA Method consists of applying the most suitable, effective and minimally-invasive therapies in a personalized way, prioritizing those that are most respectful of the nature of human beings as much as possible, thus contributing to boosting the self-healing capacity of the organism and strengthening the immune system.

Through this integrative method, the aim is to increase general well-being, seeking to reach a state of wellness and eliminating unhealthy habits that take years off the life of our organism.

Our Story

SHA was born as a result of the personal experience of Mr. Alfredo Bataller Parietti, who for thirty years suffered from digestive issues that conditioned his quality of life. Faced with a worrying diagnosis, he was fortunate enough to meet a doctor specializing in natural therapies and healthy eating (now a member of the SHA medical team), who found a solution to his illness

Thanks to this recovery, Mr. Alfredo Bataller decided to research natural therapies and healthy eating in order to share all this knowledge in a unique project that is today SHA Wellness Clinic; a pioneering wellness clinic worldwide, where Eastern wisdom is integrated with the latest advances in Western medicine to improve people’s health from an integrative point of view.

But his vision went even further, conceiving a plan for building an exclusive residential complex next to SHA, where you can enjoy all the health and wellness services offered by SHA Wellness Clinic in the privacy of your own residence.

Our story


To bring about a positive, substantial and lasting change in people’s health and well-being, transmitting the importance of a healthy diet and integrating the most effective natural therapies with the latest advances in Western medicine.




To be world leaders in health and well-being, from an integrative point of view, and through the continuous search for excellence and innovation.



Excellence, integrity, evolution, caring and happiness are the values that define our identity, serving as the basis for each of our actions and behaviors


The most integrative method

The SHA Method combines the latest advances in scientific medicine with the most effective and proven natural therapies. It has a special focus on healthy and balanced nutrition, an approach that significantly enhances the positive impact that these disciplines would have individually.

Integrative medicine

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