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A Place of Wellness Rooted in Nature

After over a decade spent transforming the lives of thousands of people, SHA Wellness Clinic opens its doors in one of the most vital, lush destinations in the UAE. Introducing SHA Emirates, at AlJurf.

Nurtured by Nature

Studies have shown the positive benefit escaping to nature can have on the mind, body and soul. Leaving a bustling city behind and retreating to nature can help increase healing and reduce stress. SHA Emirates infuses nature into therapy, nutrition, fitness, beauty and regenerative medicine to enhance the lifestyles of its visitors.

Nurtured By Nature

Change Begins Here

SHA Wellness Clinic is a world-renowned pioneer of integrative health, focused on improving and lengthening people´s wellbeing through natural therapies, originating from Eastern wisdom with Western techniques. Its atmosphere creates the perfect place of relaxation and transformation, bolstered by expertly balanced diets and a collection of treatments customised for unique needs.

Change begins here

Located at AlJurf

SHA Emirates is embedded within the existing ecosystem of AlJurf, nestled between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, along the pristine coastline of Sahel Al Emarat. AlJurf offers a series of immersive experiences both on land, where wildlife roams free in abundant open spaces, to the crystal-clear waters. Holistic healing and nature come together to form a place that encourages guests to live consciously, for a lifechanging visit.

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Change Begins at SHA Emirates

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